New Opportunities for Investors in Hong Kong

Cayman Fund Investment is an attractive program for investors in Hong Kong. They can invest in the Cayman Islands and use numerous tax benefits, including the absence of taxes on income, capital gains, and profits. This destination has been popular among investors for years. However, not too many people in Hong Kong knew about it. Now, consultancy firms in the region are promoting the Cayman Fund Investment, which gives clients in Hong Kong more opportunities to profit.

One of the reputable consultancy companies that lead clients through the Cayman Fund Investment is the CityLinkers Group.

CityLinkers consists of a group of experts that provide services in corporate finance, funding solutions, IPO consultancy, and other related areas. Apart from the Cayman Fund Investment, clients can also request the LPF Setup at CityLinkers.

LPF Setup refers to the Limited Partnership Funds HK. It is a program that allows investors to register eligible private funds as limited partnerships. The registration gives investors access to better investment management and it protects their benefits in numerous ways.

CityLinkers offers full assistance with the LPF Setup. They collect and review all the required documents for the registration, including all the agreements; CityLinkers helps clients fill up the application for a specific license needed for the LPF Setup; the team revises all the documentation to ensure the setup complies with valid laws and ordinance.

In addition, Citylinkers stays available to clients for any further assistance. If the program requires extra assistance, there are missing documents or permits, or the clients need any other help, they can reach out to the CityLinkers team.

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