SEO Agency Hong Kong and Facebook Marketing Agency

SEO and Facebook marketing, are they related or compensated? SEO, search engine optimization and Facebook marketing both are digital promotion channels, but sound very different in terms of target audience and campaign objectives. Actually, Facebook marketing can help SEO to perform in a better way. SEO is the process of getting organic traffic in search engines through website optimization and backlink building. The higher the website is ranked, more people will see it. SEO includes so much work, such as identifying relevant keywords with high search volume, fixing website critical technical issues, creating high-quality website content, building relevant backlinks as well as result measurement and review for better performance in the future. Facebook marketing, on the other hand, increases brand awareness through social media. Social media can increase the chance of your brand found in search engines. With links inserted in your Facebook Fan Page, people can go into your website through clicking the link, thus increasing the website traffic and directly having a positive impact for SEO. 

This sounds great, but it is not easy to operate both channels as well as get the synergy effect from them. All you need is a SEO agency Hong Kong or a Facebook marketing agency. A SEO agency Hong Kong performs complicated SEO work which saves you time while a Facebook marketing agency provides one-stop social media service from managing your Facebook account, monitoring the performance and giving you insight. Don’t forget to find a good SEO agency Hong Kong and Facebook marketing agency which would help you a lot. 

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