Tips for handling a PR crisis and organizing corporate event

Do you know how to handle a PR crisis? Of course, it is best to find a reputable PR company (e.g. MemoPlus HK) for help. However, you should also know some basic principles yourselves. First, the 3Cs are essential in tackling a PR crisis. You should adopt the 3Cs, namely ‘compassionate’, ‘competent’, and ‘confident’ to show credibility. Second, it is the 5S: ‘shouldering’, ‘sincerely’, ‘speed’, ‘systematization’, and ‘standardization’. You show sincerity, integrity and timeliness by adopting the 5S. Bear these in mind, and you can resume healthy relationships with target market and slowly but surely rebuild brand reputation. You can also adopt PR crisis management tools to drive results. Take ‘real-time alert’ for example, it tracks online mentions as well as analyzes social data, so that you are alerted before the PR crisis get worsened.

Moving on to event management. Many HK businesses collaborate with a PR company for their event management services, but again, you have to know the brief rundown behind. First and foremost, budgeting. It is important to stick with the budget and utilize resources wisely. Second, acquire permits and arrange for equipment. Third, invite media contacts. Your event management will not be complete without reaching out to HK press and established news outlets to cover the event. And developing a contingency plan marks the end of the event management.

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