Virtual Education Fair Platform – Integral Part of Institutions

A popular hybrid conference solution HK is becoming the main virtual education fair platform of reputable educational institutions in Hong Kong! UC. NOW has developed stable, inventive software that facilitates online engagement and maximizes its productivity. Community leaders and educators have recognized the potential of this platform and started using UC. NOW for multiple purposes.

NOW provides several services that no platform was able to provide in one place before. This hybrid conference solution HK is not just a conferencing link that gathers people for one hour and hopes they will remember anything that has been said at the conference. UC. NOW is a virtual education fair platform that encourages users to engage and keeps them interested in the discussed topics. The InfoHub of UC. NOW is a virtual conference center that saves materials and gives access to members of the channel so they could always revise the content and maintain engagement from the conference.

One of the ideas that make UC. NOW unique is its Placement Centre™. This feature offers hybrid school admission events and facilitates the admission process. The virtual education fair platform is beneficial for both, students and organizers. The scheduling is significantly improved and the entire procedure is quicker and more efficient.

Users of UC. NOW are especially surprised and satisfied with the comprehensive filters that this hybrid conference solution HK offers. They can shortlist countries, schools, and majors of study and they can utilize a workflows guide to set up their profiles on the platform. Once they complete the initial steps, online engagement becomes significantly more enjoyable and productive than it was previously.

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