Webinar Portal Gives Users all The Features They Need

In the time when the demand for a quality Online Staff Training Platform HK was never higher, UC. Now stepped up and attracted people all around the world with the outstanding performance and quality tools that the software offers. It is a compact Webinar Portal that members can use for different types of events. From online classes and business meetings to staff recruitment; UC. Now provides tools that maximize productivity and results of digital communication.

UC. Now introduced a highly-efficient management system called Job Centre that serves job seekers and employers greatly. Job seekers can use the Webinar Platform to check all the available positions in their professional field. They can apply on the Online Staff Training Platform HK and expect to receive a quick response from the recruiters.

Employers can utilize the Job Centre to review all the applications easily and contact suitable candidates without exiting the Webinar Platform. The site has a unique feature that allows users to schedule interviews automatically. Therefore, the employer can select several candidates and schedule meetings with only a few clicks. After inserting the names of the job applications, the system will create a schedule for the employer and send notifications to the candidates with specified times of the meetings.

UC. Now had an impressive growth during the quarantine time because people were massively using this Online Staff Training Platform HK. The userbase is still expanding so it can be expected that UC. Now goes viral and becomes the main method for virtual communication.

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