A Plan for the Weekend

What’s your plan for the coming weekend? Care to explore an amazing lifestyle shop in HK? The no.1 HK lifestyle shop I’ve been loving these days is kapok. Arnault castel founded kapok with the vision to create a social place for like-minded individuals who appreciate fashion. It has grown from the first lifestyle select shop in HK to an internationally renowned brand for its unique take on fashion and design. Basically, kapok curates a selection of inspiring fashion and lifestyle products sourced not only internationally but also locally. The best part about kapok is that it supports emerging female-owned businesses and sustainable brands. Out of the 6 kapok shops in HK, I I love kapok pmq the most. I love how they feature mainly local designs to support homegrown artists in HK. Sometimes, I head over to 5 st. Francis yard as well since I find many HK independent brands there and they present mainly comfortable laid-back designs.  

Clothing aside, I always pick out my scented candles from kapok. Quality vegetable wax, premium fragrances imported from Europe, and beautiful stoneware designs. What more can you ask for? Thanks to kapok, I have purchased scented candles from coveted brands such as Apotheke, Astier De Villatte, and Mad Et Len. Explore kapok this weekend and you won’t regret it! 

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