Elevate your Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle rides are all fun and games except when you keep hearing noises from the wind and engine. This is why I love wearing my motorcycle headset from Motikom. Its 5-level hybrid dynamic noise cancellation technology is the best part about the motorcycle headset. Let me explain what those 5 levels mean. Level 1 is called the ultimate noise cancelling level. It is the quietest level. You still hear car horns and police sirens although it minimizes most wind and engine noises. Level 2 is called the medium noise cancelling level. It gives you more surrounding sound but you still hear them at a comfortable level. Level 3 is called the mild noise cancelling level. This level lets you hear as much sound as the helmet allows. Level 4 is called the natural surrounding sound level. It lets you hear the surrounding environment as if you are not wearing a helmet. Level 5 is called the ambience level. This level makes it possible to hear someone’s whisper. The noise cancellation technology of this motorcycle headset is amazing, isn’t it?

Noise cancellation aside, the Motikom headset features leading Bluetooth intercom. With the Motikom Bluetooth headset, you can chat with your motorcycling buddy in real-time!

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