WSET Level 1 Teachers Beginners the Essentials of Wine

Wine Tasting Course is available in Hong Kong for all wine enthusiasts. CorVino, a top wine school in the region, is providing excellent WSET Level 1, 2, and 3 courses. They are designed for different groups of clients, based on their existing knowledge, skills, and experience.

WSET Level 1 is the starting level at CorVino. It is created for people with little to no experience in wines. The Wine Tasting Course teaches participants how to explore their favorite beverage through taste, smell, and sight. They become more familiar with wines, learn about different types of grapes, the production procedure, history, and a range of interesting lessons that will serve as a solid foundation for further development in the field.

After attending the WSET Level 1, participants will be equipped with skills that they can continue to improve and become professionals in the field. The Wine Tasting Course contains practices that teach students valuable lessons that they won’t forget. The content is interesting and engaging so course attendees look forward to learning, which improves their results.

 CorVino students are welcome to proceed to the second and third levels once they pass the WSET Level 1. They can continue to build their knowledge and skills, until becoming masters of wine. Many well-known sommeliers started their careers at CorVino. The representatives of this wine school are looking forward to teaching a new generation of wine admirers and facilitating their roads to industrial success. Educators are inviting all interested clients to book a consultation, join the team and start new, exciting chapters of their lives!

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